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Life/Success Coaching: Managing the Ecology of Your Life

Managing personal ecology

A successful business manager is not necessarily a successful mother and partner. She may be powerful and dynamic in the workplace, but if her family and personal relationships are neglected or falling apart, her life ecology is unhealthy. Ecology is the study of consequences. If your life is out of balance or if important areas of your life are in a state of dysfunction, the negative effects of poor ecology will catch up with you. Life coaching and success coaching are two aspects of the assistance we can offer you to help you manage the ecology of your life.

Why Do You Need a Coach?


In sports, the coach is essential to a team's success. Individual athletes also need a coach to help them train and develop properly. Coaches are not just for professional athletes, either. If you play golf or tennis, a coach can help you to achieve levels of success you would never attain on your own. Even in personal fitness, a coach can make the difference between actually exercising or just sleeping in.

So why do you need a life/success coach? Because your life and your success are extremely important. Why not maximize your fulfillment, your work-life balance and your achievement over the course of your life?

What Does a Life/Success Coach Do?

coaching strategies

Your coach helps you to define what you really want out of life. A coach helps you to establish clear, achievable goals and define the right strategies for achieving those goals. Your coach helps you overcome the obstacles in your path, whether they lie within or outside you. Your coach will help you tap into your passion and your motivation to live the life you want to live.

how long does it take?

How Long Does it Take?

How long it takes depends on how many areas of your life you want to work on. The timeline also depends on you. Because so much of coaching is about getting you on the right track and focused on a clear map to success, it takes far less time than you might think. Some of our clients have found that a four-hour telephone coaching package was all that they needed to get on track. Others get coaching assistance on an as-needed basis. We can help you to define a program that best fits your needs.

What's the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy?

coaching vs. therapy

If you have a serious illness, you go to a doctor. On the other hand, if you want to avoid future doctor visits, the best thing to do is develop a long-term wellness program.

Think of therapists and psychiatrists as the doctors you need to consult when you have mental and emotional problems that need to be diagnosed and treated. A life/success coach, by contrast, is a person who will help you establish a wellness program that will not only keep you healthy, but allow you to reach new levels of success in life as well. Most winning sports teams don't need a team therapist - what they need is an first-rate coach. Coaches help you to move beyond mediocrity to achieve peak performance and success in the areas of your life that are important to you.

Reprogramming Your Brain for Success

reprogramming your brain

Every experience in your life, from early childhood to the present, has formed the programming that causes you to think and behave the way you do. But think about it: you are more experienced now than you have been at any previous time in your life. Don't you think it's time you learned some really effective methods of changing your old programming and reprogramming your brain for success? We can offer you a life/success coaching program that will give you the tools you need for success. Contact us to get the process started.




Life Coaching for Balance, Fulfillment and Happiness

You may have achieved success in some areas of your life, but overall find it isn't what you want it to be. Or maybe you're exhausted and overworked and can't seem to find the time to just enjoy life. Maybe your personal problems are overshadowing your successes at work; or perhaps you have a great home life, but your manager is a tyrant and you dread going to your job every day. Maybe by all appearances you have it all together, but you're just not happy. A life coach can help you with any of these scenarios.

But finding the right life coach is another issue. Anyone can call themselves a life coach - but will they be the right coach for you? We don't employ a roster of contract coaches, as some companies do. We have just one life coach: Roger Reece. Roger doesn't just offer tips and techniques: he brings many years of experience, in coaching and successful life management. As your Life Coach, Roger will help you to balance your life and to experience the fulfillment and happiness you deserve.

Success Coaching for Setting & Achieving the Right Goals

How do you define success? Is it by your net worth, your job title, the car you drive or the person you're married to? Success coaching will help you to define a clear, balanced set of criteria for measuring success on your own terms. Coaching will also provide you with guidance for setting the right goals and meeting benchmarks to achieve that success in all facets of your life. As your success coach, Roger Reece will work with you to engineer a transformation in your thinking, your behavior and your experience of life.

Coaching Makes the Difference

Can you undergo a success transformation on your own? Potentially, of course you can. But if you seek a higher level of balance, fulfillment and success than you've been able to achieve on your own so far, life/success coaching can make the difference. Your coach will bring new levels of objectivity and insight to your efforts, and provide you with tools designed to jump-start your personal development. You can try to find your way by reading books or attending self-help seminars; but as your individual life/success coach, Roger Reece can cut through the noise and focus directly on your development. You are so close to your own life and perspectives that it can be very hard to get the distance to see what a coach can see. From that perspective, Roger can discover and help you to tap into new sources of inner motivation and energy.

In the process of optimizing your life ecology and increasing your levels of success, you may need to focus on a number of areas in your life. Roger Reece will coach you in the areas where you need help.

Career Coaching

work and career coaching

Are you happy with the current state and direction of your career? Are you getting more from your work than a paycheck? Are you making the money you want to make? Are you fulfilled by the work itself? Maybe you need to make some adjustments to your approach to work, or your attitude toward your work. You may need to negotiate a higher salary or a new position. You may need to change your career altogether. As your life/success coach, Roger Reece will work with you to establish the right criteria for evaluating your career goals and the action steps you need to take to meet them. Your career is too important to just ignore it and take one day at a time. You need to develop the right strategy for your career, or you may be very unhappy with where you find yourself ten years from now.

Work Achievement Coaching

Workplace behavior coaching

How did you feel about your last performance review? Did you agree with your manager's comments and with the ratings you received? Work achievement coaching is about helping you to get where you want to get in your current job. How would you like to improve? How would you like to be perceived by your manager and your peers? How do you measure success and how can you get there? Roger Reece will help you to get the most out of the work you do so you can experience new levels of job satisfaction.

Workplace Behavior Coaching

Do you work well with your manager, peers and others at work? If your work relationships are a source of frustration, irritation and stress, your life/success coach can help you with workplace behavior coaching. Roger Reece can help you to work more effectively with difficult people, to improve your work relationships, and to get more cooperation from the people you work with.

The working world is filled with bullies, slackers, gossipers and other difficult people; and sometimes, the most difficult person of all happens to be your boss. Roger will coach you on improving your work environment through developing the kinds of people skills that get results. Please visit our Workplace Behavior Coaching website at and our Working with Difficult People website at for more information.

Relationship coaching

Relationship Coaching

Your relationships with family, friends and your partner are an important part of your life. Are your relationships healthy, or do they need improvement? If your relationships are suffering from neglect, or if conflict is creating walls of hostility, relationship coaching can help you to build a strategy for repair and renewal. You may need to get out of a relationship where codependency, narcissism or abuse has become a source of constant pain. Your relationships should contribute to your fulfillment and emotional well-being, and your life/success coach can help you to get them back on track. And if the problem is a lack of meaningful relationships, your coach can help you with a strategy for building new relationships - the kind you really need.

Family ecology coaching

Family Ecology Coaching

Your family is a social system; and in any social system, everything that each person does affects everyone else in the system. If you have family members whose behavior is negatively affecting the ecology of your home, something needs to be done. As your coach, Roger Reece will help you in planning the right course of action. Everyone in a family needs to be supportive; roles and responsibilities must be agreed upon and taken seriously. When a family member refuses to to do his or her part as a member of the team, or if boundaries are not honored, family ecology is compromised. Your life/success coach will help you to establish a framework for a healthy family and outline the steps needed to get there from where you are today.

Managing personal finances

Personal Finances & Budget Coaching

If money, debt and bills are a source of frustration and stress in your life, you may need help in budgeting and with personal financial management. Your ability to effectively manage finances can become compromised if you and your partner are in disagreement about spending and saving practices. Your life/success coach can help you to establish mutually-agreeable guidelines and disciplines. If you are weighed down with debt, something needs to be done. Your coach Roger Reece can help you to become debt-free.

Personal Achievement Coaching

Is it possible your goals are out of whack? Could it be you are setting your goals too high - sabotaging yourself by making them impossible to meet? Or are you stunting your motivation by setting your goals too low (or failing to articulate a well-defined set of goals in the first place)? Are you caught in the daily treadmill, working hard, but not achieving the results that you know you would like to accomplish? Life/success coaching can help you to develop new patterns of personal achievement that will bring more satisfaction and self-esteem into your life. You have potential that has not yet been realized; with coaching, you can achieve your full potential. Your life/success coach Roger Reece will help you to develop a personal achievement framework, establish the right set of goals and put an action plan to work. Don't let yourself keep coasting: develop the structure, habits and disciplines that will build your confidence and propel you to success in life.

Emotional state management

Emotional State Management Coaching

You are at your best when you experience resourceful states: when you feel creative, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, happy and productive. But when you fall into unresourceful states, life can become difficult. When you feel weary, overwhelmed, sad, depressed, anxious, fearful, burned out or apathetic, your life can seem like an uphill battle that you are losing. You can learn to manage your emotional states, and as your life/success coach, Roger Reece can give you the tools, techniques and practices that will allow you to anchor, elicit and utilize your resourceful states when you need them. Learn how to avoid the patterns that trigger and prolong unresourceful states. Emotional state management is a skill that you can learn - one that will dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Time Management Coaching

Time and stress management coaching

Time is a limited resource, and if you don't manage it well, your life may be filled with frustration. Life/success coaching can help you to manage your time at work and in your personal life more effectively. Time management is comprised of two factors: efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is about process. Your life/success coach will help you to look objectively at the way you approach tasks and projects, focusing on improving your processes. You will also look at effectiveness, which is all about priorities. The failure to effectively prioritize can greatly diminish your effectiveness as a professional, a life partner, a parent and as a human being living in a fast-paced world. Roger Reece will help you to become more efficient and more effective with your time, and as a result your quality of life will increase exponentially. Please visit our Time Management Workshops website at for more information.

Stress Management Coaching

Stress can be good...up to a point. Stress can be a motivator - but too much stress or the wrong kind of stress can become destructive, undermining your mental health, your physical health and your quality of life in general. Life/success coaching can provide you with new strategies for managing stress, and for effectively dealing with the difficult situations in your life without getting overwhelmed. Roger Reece will give you tools for reframing your view of problems, connecting with your own inner peace, and letting go of unnecessary tension. He will also offer you practical coaching on fixing the problems that are at the source of your stress, whether internal or external in nature. For more information, please visit our Stress Management Training website at

Self-Discipline & Habit Management Coaching

If you have habits that you have been trying - unsuccessfully - to break for years, or have not been able to maintain the discipline to stick with your own self-development programs, life/success coaching may be the answer. Self-discipline comes naturally for some people - but for others, it's a skill that must be learned. Your life/success coach will give you a new approach to breaking old, unwanted habits, and to forming the kinds of new habits that will improve your life ecology as well as your success. Old habits are deeply entrenched in your neurology, so as your coach, Roger Reece will provide you with tools based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that will assist you in reprogramming your behavioral patterns.

Diet and fitness coaching

Exercise, Diet & Health-Management Coaching

You're not getting any younger, and as the years go by, establishing a well-rounded diet and exercise program becomes more and more essential to your life ecology. If you have a hard time maintaining good eating, sleeping or physical exercise routines, a life/success coach can help. Roger Reece can help you develop the structure, goals and self-discipline you need to keep your program going. Whether you want to lose weight, get toned up, or stop unhealthy habits such as smoking or excessive drinking, Roger can provide you with the tools you need to get yourself on the path to good health.

Work-life balance

Work-Life Balance Coaching

You may be doing everything right, but you struggle to maintain balance. Some people have so many interests that they just don't know what to say 'NO' to. Your life/success coach will help you to achieve the perfect overall balance for your life. For more information, please visit our Work-Life Balance Workshops website at

Getting Started

So what is holding you back? Contact us today to schedule a free telephone consultation with Roger Reece to explore the options for a life/success coaching program that is right for you. We offer an introductory telephone or Skype coaching package to get you started, as well as face-to-face and ongoing phone/Skype coaching programs. If you find yourself procrastinating on important decisions, Roger can help with that too - but don't procrastinate on getting started with life/success coaching!


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