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Rebooting Your Brain

Rebooting your brain

In many ways, your brain and nervous system function like a computer: operating based on complex but predictable programs. And like a computer, your system can malfunction from conflicting programs or just plain overload.

An effective success coaching program is like a way of rebooting your brain. As your success coach, Roger Reece will help you find your "reset button" and clear out faulty programming through tools and techniques based primarily on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). These powerful tools will provide you with a means of defeating the programs that conflict with your success in life.

Uninstalling Old Programs;
Installing New Programs

old and new programming

If you have had a computer for a long time, and it no longer performs like it once did, it can help to uninstall old programs you no longer need or use, and to install new, up-to-date programs that better serve your present needs. Oftentimes, old programs are corrupted, and they may conflict with your operating system. You may even find malicious programs running in the background, executing processes that sabotage your system's performance.

Your brain and nervous system are, in this regard, very similar to your computer. Old programs of fear, defensiveness and avoidance may be sabotaging your success at work and in your relationships. Roger will help you to identify the problems and to literally uninstall these self-defeating programs, while you install new programs designed to propel you to success.

Installing Emotional Anti-Virus Software

Emotional anti-virus

Your emotions can attack you, at any time, much the same way that a virus can attack your computer. Intense feelings of fear, anger, hostility, loneliness, depression, or a sense of hopelessness or worthlessness can attack you and render you defenseless against neurological self-sabotage.

Your success coaching program is your way of installing emotional anti-virus software in your brain, in that you will learn new methods of detecting and neutralizing the triggers that throw you into unresourceful emotional states. You will learn how to anchor and elicit powerful, resourceful states that will allow you to combat and remove those old viruses.

Defragmenting Your Neurological Hard Drive

Defragmenting your neurology

Just as your computer's hard drive can become fragmented over time and result in poor performance and corrupted data, your brain and nervous system can become fragmented as well - causing you to lose your edge, your passion, your determination and your energy.

Your success coaching program will help you to defragment your perceptions and your nervous system responses. The coaching process is designed to help you to build new neural pathways that will boost your self-confidence, resourcefulness, creativity and clarity of purpose.

Reprogrammed for Success

reprogrammed for success

It's time for the release of You 2.0.

It's time for a new you, reprogrammed for success, to take over the management of your life. Contact us to find out how you can get started on a reprogramming effort that will put you on the road to success.



Success Coaching: Setting & Achieving the Right Goals for Your Life

the right goals

How do you define success? Certainly success means different things to each individual. The purpose of success coaching is to help you to achieve success in the dimensions of your life that are important to you; so if you decide to begin a success coaching program, the first task is to clearly define success in terms of your outcomes and experience. From there your coach will work with you to outline specific goals and to build a strategy and roadmap for your success.

dimensions of success

Defining Success in Each Dimension of Your Life

How do you define success for your career at various points on your timeline? What outcomes would you like to see in one year? in five years? in ten years? Your success coach will assist you in defining well-formed outcomes: that is, outcomes that are realistic and that you can form a clear strategy to achieve. Success coaching is not about repeating positive affirmations and hoping for miracles. It is about setting the right goals and achieving outcomes that are your benchmarks for success.

Each dimension of your life is different, so the criteria for success will be specific to each dimension. Your financial success will be measured in terms of factors such as income and net worth, while success in your marriage will be measured by entirely different criteria. Your coach will provide tools and guidelines that you can use to create a complete roadmap for a successful life, based on your values.

Enjoy the journey

Achieving the Outcomes You Want While Enjoying the Journey

Your success must be equally measured in terms of outcomes as well as in your life experience at every step in the journey. The end does not justify means that will disrupt your work-life balance and life ecology. As your success coach, Roger Reece will help you to avoid the pitfalls that have caused so many people to put their lives on hold and compromise relationships by relentlessly pursuing single-minded goals. The experience of your journey is at least as important a consideration as the results you intend to achieve.

Your success coach will help you to set "enjoy-the-journey" goals as you navigate through your life success roadmap. If you don't enjoy your work, an enjoy-the-journey goal is simply to learn how to enjoy it. If you find yourself experiencing overwhelming anxiety and stress over finances, an enjoy-the-journey goal might be to break the anxiety-stress pattern by learning to feel a sense of accomplishment out of taking steps to fix your money problems. At every step along the way, there are opportunities to learn to enjoy the challenges of life. Your success coach will teach you how to maximize those challenges to master the tools you need for your personal transformation.

Patterns of failure

Breaking the Patterns of Failure & Victimhood

Throughout your coaching sessions, your success coach is helping you to identify the thinking and behavioral patterns you have that are hindering your attempts to achieve success. These patterns often can be traced back to childhood. But success coaching is not about looking for dark secrets in your past - it's about identifying the current patterns that are getting in your way, and then neutralizing them and establishing new patterns of success.

Some people suffer from the fear of failure. Many others are unconsciously afflicted with an even more pernicious fear of success. Patterns of self-sabotage come in all forms; but they are hidden by a smokescreen of blindspots and rationalization. Your success coach will help you to spot the elusive thinking and behavioral patterns causing you to feel like a failure, or to accept the role of victim - of people, circumstances, the 'system' or the universe. Breaking these patterns gives you a new sense of empowerment and freedom that will in turn motivate you to new levels of achievement.

Establishing New Patterns of Success

Patterns of success

Your success coach will help you establish new thinking and behavioral patterns directed to success. With the right tools you can build new patterns of self-confidence in the very situations that used to cause you to shut down. A fear of speaking in front of a group gives way to newfound confidence and determination. Old pattens of conflict avoidance are replaced with a new assertiveness anchored by solid conflict management skills. Old patterns that would cause you to give up, or feel overwhelmed by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, are effectively dismantled by a new ability to reframe obstacles into opportunities for creative problem-solving.

In the process of developing these new skills and success patterns, you will quickly realize that it's all just a matter of reprogramming - and you truly can become a new person. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but with the right coach and the right tools, you don't have to think of yourself as one of those 'old dogs'. As you see the old self-defeating patterns fade away, and you experience new levels of success in every area of your life, you will realize that the old habits no longer have the power to inhibit your progress in life.

Working with a Coach

If you have never worked with a coach before, a success coaching program will be a new and rewarding experience for you. Although you may have many areas of your life that you would like to work on, zeroing in on one or two issues at a time allows you to focus your attention in these areas and begin seeing results as quickly as possible. The frequency of your coaching sessions depends on the nature of the work you are focusing on. Your success coach will always give you homework: the real work begins after each coaching session. But whereas the homework you received in school tended to be academic in nature, the homework you will do in your coaching program is real and action-oriented, and designed to bring immediate results.


You will find coaching to be challenging, but you will define the pace. Our intention is not to overwhelm you but to help you to fully assimilate new success behaviors into the fabric of your life. You and your coach will discuss your fears, your problems, your hopes and your desires, and you will receive tools and strategies that will immediately begin changing the status quo for you. If you don't want to change, don't bother with success coaching; it's not for you. But if you really want to bring more success into your life, your success coach and you, as a team, will make it happen.

All Coaches Are Not Alike

Just about anybody can get some kind of coaching certification and call themselves a coach. But clearly, all coaches are not alike. Many of the practicing coaches you may have had the misfortune to encounter have been unsuccessful in their own life and are hoping that a career in coaching others will be their own ticket to success. Really effective success coaches are few and far between. Roger Reece is an effective coach with a proven track record of success in his own life achievements and as a professional success coach and trainer. But don't take our word for it. Take us up on our offer for a free telephone consultation with Roger, and an introductory coaching package.

Introductory phone coaching package

An Introductory Telephone or Skype Coaching Package

Our introductory success coaching package includes a DISC Behavioral Style assessment and a series of four one-hour telephone or Skype coaching sessions with Roger Reece. The DISC assessment includes a 20-page Success Insights personal profile that outlines your behavioral style and many of the programs that drive your thinking and behavior. For more information on how we use DISC in our coaching programs, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website at After completing an online survey you will immediately receive your personal profile via email.

In your first coaching session, Roger will help you to interpret your profile and will establish goals for the next three sessions. Based on your goals and your current life situation, Roger will give you tools and homework to get you moving on the road to success. In each successive session you will discuss your progress, develop your strategy for progress, and focus on the key issues, problems and opportunities you are facing. Within four sessions you should be seeing significant results in your life. At that point you will be in a position to make an informed decision on whether to continue coaching.

Contact us to schedule your free telephone consultation and to find out our introductory-package and ongoing-coaching rates. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your success.

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