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Making the Right Choices

Choosing the right road

The state and quality of your life is directly correlated with the choices you make. The wrong choices can take your life in the wrong direction and can even cause you to spin out of control.

Life coaching is about stepping back and examining the direction of your life to determine whether your choices are really taking you where you want to go. When you're driving in unknown territory, one of the most useful tools you can have is a GPS navigator. Think of your life coach as a GPS that can help you to determine the right destination and the right paths to get you there.

Establishing a Purpose for Your Life

Your Purpose

Do you have a strong sense of purpose for your life - a driving force that resonates with you and that you can articulate? Your life coach can help you develop, articulate and resonate with a sense of purpose that will guide you and help you to make the right life choices.

Following Your Bliss

follow your bliss

Some people live their entire lives in a rut. But a rut is just a grave with the ends knocked out. Don't let yourself get stuck in a rut! Follow your bliss may be a cliche - but with the right life coach it can become a meaningful reality.

You can 'follow your bliss' by climbing a mountain or parachuting out of a plane - and those may certainly be exhilarating experiences. But to follow your bliss for a lifetime requires integrating a sense of adventure into your relationships, career, family, education, personal finances and other aspects of your life. When all these things are properly integrated, you experience the passion, the enthusiasm, the sense of fulfillment and the bliss of a purposeful life. When they are out of whack, you cannot help but feel out-of-whack too. Don't accept the rut when you can follow your bliss: that's what life coaching is all about.


Soul Mates & Partnerships

Are you looking for a 'soul mate'? Have you found your soul mate? The concept of a soul mate has been absurdly romanticized - to the point where what many are looking for amounts to a fantasy. Even if they find the perfect partner for them, many will mismanage the relationship and grow dissatisfied - because their partner isn't living up to the 'fantasy'.

Your life coach can help you to change your mental models about soul mates and life partners, so that you can actually find the right person for you and then make that partnership work. Life-partnerships aren't easy to forge, but when they are nurtured and aligned they become a source of deep fulfillment and great joy.

business, work, career

Taking Care of Business

If you ever meet a waiter in Hollywood, the odds are good they don't really consider themselves a waiter: the job is just a way to make ends meet until their acting career gets off the ground. Sadly, many of these actors will still be waiting tables 20 years from now.

Whatever your job may be, take it seriously, do it well and make it a positive learning experience. If you can't do that at your present job, you should find a job where you can. Take care of the business at hand; develop a sense of ownership. If there are things you don't like about the job, learn to be a change agent. Learn how to enjoy where you are and what you are doing. But don't stop there! Get on with the business of developing your career. Get serious. Make it happen. Your life coach can help you with your thinking, your attitude and your plan of action for making your career what you want it to be.

Experiencing the Meaning of Life

Experience the meaning of your life

What is the meaning of life? That's up to you.

It's up to you to determine the meaning of your own life and to make it what you want it to be. Some people experience tremendous meaning in the simple things they do each day. Others have the ambition to change the world. But whatever path you take in life, you will have many experiences. Learn to give meaning to your life. Learn to experience meaning in your vision and in your daily activities.

Contact us to find out how a life coach can help you in this valuable learning process.




Life Coaching: Getting Your Life Together

You have achieved success in some areas of your life; in the process, though, other areas may have suffered or stagnated. Often there is a tendency to put some parts of your life on hold while you focus on other areas. This strategy might work for short periods of time - but if you aren't careful, it can become a long-term habit that leaves your life in an unbalanced mess. The challenge is to live a life of balance and congruence, where you are growing as a whole person. Don't put important areas of your life on hold. Get your life together and keep it together! That is the purpose of life coaching.

Vision for your life

Timeline Management: Develop a Vision for Your Life

When your vision for your future feels more real and solid than your memories of the past, you'll understand the power of timeline management. Living in and experiencing the now is a powerful skill. Many people get so absorbed in worrying about past and future that they can't enjoy the here and now. But in order to succeed in life you need to be able to shift perspectives and maintain a sense of purpose and direction. Timeline management is the ability to move through your personal timeline in order to maintain the right perspective on now.

"I just don't feel like my life is going anywhere" is an observation from someone who needs timeline management. Your emotions, perceptions, memories and imagination can be powerful and useful tools - or they can paralyze you with fear, anxiety and confusion. The skill of timeline management allows you to build a new personal history, a new perspective on now, and a well-formed vision of the future that together give you the structure and solidity you need to weather the inevitable storms ahead. You have a brain and a neurology that can and will distort your past memories and conjure up any number of future calamities to put you in an unresourceful and depressed state in the present. Why not use this same powerful brain and neurology to re-interpret your memories of past events and to create the vision of the future that you want?

Timeline Management

Timeline management uses your capacity for creative visualization to learn and grow from past experiences and gain faith in your future. It is said that faith is the substance of things hoped for. Timeline management is your tool for constructing a blueprint for the future and turning it into a clear vision. Blind faith is hope without the vision and clear path to achieving future success. Timeline management is the tool set for making your dreams come true.

As your life coach, Roger Reece will teach you how to master the skill of timeline management. You will learn to write an entirely new personal history and use "time travel" to visit yourself in the past when lingering memory distortions are negatively affecting your life. You will learn to bring your 'future self' into the present to console you about your current struggles and to remind you that your present problems won't persist forever. You will learn to draw strength from the Future You who has grown in wisdom through the challenges you are dealing with today.

Can you really travel through time? Only in your mind and neurology - just the way people do when they fret about a distorted past and an ominous, imagined future. The difference is that timeline management uses your same amazing capacity to experience past and future to help you through your life. Building a vision for your life is about changing your perspectives on past, present and future; and it is about using these perspectives to give your life meaning and purpose. Life coaching will help you to build this vision.

Focusing on your values

Get Focused on Your Values

As you move through your life, values are steadily imposed on you: from your parents and family; from your community and society; from television and the media; from school and religion; and from all the jobs you've ever held. At various times in your life, your values have changed and morphed into your present values. Your life coach will help you to get a clear focus on your present values. What are they, really? Are they consistent? Do they form an integrated, congruent foundation for your goals, strategies, behaviors and lifestyle; or are they an awkward composite of fragments from outdated sources and stages of your past? A major aim of life coaching is to help you to scrutinize your values and build them conscientiously into the fabric of your life. Your values should be the basis for your life decisions, your direction, your goals, and your actions. Getting your values clearly in focus will help you to initiate the process of restructuring your life to experience the full value of everything that you do.

Awaken and Nurture the Passion in Your Life

Have you ever been around someone who is passionate about life? Someone who is passionate about work, relationships, hobbies and interests - passionate about life in general? These people exude a vibrancy that is unmistakable, and it spreads to the people around them. Unfortunately, some of these individuals don't follow through with their commitments; they don't give a feeling of integrity and ultimately seem flaky.

What if you could build a solid vision for your life - past, present and future? And what if you could build your actions on a set of solid, consistent values? And what if, out of this framework, you could awaken and nurture a passion hidden within you? What would it feel like to the people around you? What would it feel like to you? If you are not experiencing this passion for life today, but you would like to make it an integral part of your life, then consider life coaching as a means for developing that passion. Your life coach will engage in a discovery process to find the potential sources of your passion and commitment, and provide you with tools for awakening, nurturing and sustaining those drives.

An ecological, sustainable lifestyle

Establish & Maintain an Ecological Lifestyle

Is your lifestyle enriching or sabotaging your life? For most people, their lifestyle is defined by their activities and behaviors. If some of those activities and behaviors are destructive - such as uncontrolled anger, spending or substance abuse - they form a destructive lifestyle. If important activities such as relationship-building, career-building, or personal/spiritual development are missing from your life, the missing elements can form a narrow lifestyle that eventually becomes destructive too. At the same time, if all your activities and behaviors are constructive, but you are trying to do too much, the net effect can be a fragmented lifestyle that can suck the life out of you.

An essential element of life coaching is to establish and maintain an ecological, sustainable lifestyle that provides a fertile environment for your growth, fulfillment and happiness. A truly ecological lifestyle must be built on your values and fueled by your passion. It must also be built around a solid, integrated vision of your past, present and future as a purposeful progression. Your life coach Roger Reece will help you to examine your current lifestyle, and re-engineer your behavior into an ecological lifestyle that supports your life and personal growth.

Fixing your problems

Fix the Problems that Are Bringing You Down & Holding You Back

The Serenity Prayer is a simple formula for managing the problems you encounter in life. The key words in this prayer are accept, courage and wisdom. To accept the things you cannot change is, essentially, to reframe the situation so that what you saw as problem no longer seems problematic. This kind of acceptance is a kind of realignment of your neurology: over to the way things are; in harmony with what is. The amazing thing is that when you learn how to truly accept the things you cannot change, you position yourself for becoming an agent of change. When you allow yourself to be frustrated by all the "problems" of life - many of which are clearly beyond your control - it can lead you to feeling like a powerless victim. But when you get clearly focused on the things you can change, all you really need to do is to keep following the course of your journey to improving your life.

Wisdom will help you to see that you can actually change many of the aspects of your life that you thought were beyond your control. You can make critical choices. You don't have to sit on the fence watching your life go by. You can fix the problems that are bringing you down and holding you back. Your life coach will help you to sort it all out, and to build a strategy for creating the life you want.

healing relationships

Heal Your Relationships

Relationships are complicated, and they can be the source, either of intense misery or of deep fulfillment and joy. Many people carry a facade that creates the appearance of healthy relationships; when in reality, they are dysfunctional and in a state of ongoing deterioration. Your life coach can help you heal your relationships. The process begins with a relationship inventory, where you list all of your significant relationships and then evaluate their history, current state and direction. You will define a future vision for each relationship and establish a plan for achieving that vision. This process becomes the framework for bringing healing to the significant relationships in your life. Some of your relationships will require time, attention and nurturing in order to repair them; occasionally some relationships may need to end. But your interpersonal relationships, as a whole, are an integral part of your well-being and your mental and physical health; so the results you experience from healing them will immeasurably enhance your life.

Build your career

Build An Enriching, Expanding & Life-Enhancing Career

Unless you are independently wealthy, you need to work to sustain your lifestyle. If you simply follow a mindless routine, going to work each day without a long-term goal in mind, you may be able to continue paying the bills; but over the course of your lifetime, you will almost certainly miss numerous opportunities for establishing an enriching, expanding and life-enhancing career.

As with other aspects of your life, your life coach will help you to build a timeline for your career - one that will take into account your job history and experiences, your present employment, and a well-formed vision for the future. The process of developing your career timeline and vision brings a sense of purpose; which, in turn, gives your career an identity in sync with your overall future vision. You are not your career. Your career, though, can be a powerful, sustaining force in your life: a force with its own identity, like a mentor who guides you through important lessons in your journey of personal development. As your life coach, Roger Reece will help you to build a vision for your career and integrate it into your life vision. This process will have a major effect on how you view your current job, and it will also inform the career choices you need to make right now and in the future.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Your life coach will help you to restructure your life and your lifestyle, so that you ultimately find yourself doing what you want to do. But to get there, you may have to continue doing something you don't want to do for a while: staying in a job you don't like for a supervisor you can't stand. But what if you could learn to enjoy going to work - even in your present job - and to appreciate the opportunity to work for your current supervisor? That's a big what-if...but could it be possible?

The truth is, a fulfilling life is an acquired taste. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder: one person can look at a painting and think, my four-year-old kid could paint a better picture; while another can see beauty, meaning and creativity in the same image. Life, also, is in the eye of the beholder. One person can look at their work and think, you can take this job and shove it. But some can see what they do in relation to a broader vision of their future - one in which today's job is an important phase in an unfolding plan. A problematic work environment can be seen as a burden, or it can be framed as a challenge to become an agent of change. An unjust, unskilled supervisor can become an opportunity for developing communication skills, for personal growth and for practicing influence. How you frame the world determines how you experience it. Your ability to acquire a taste for life and learn to love what you do today will grow your capacity to realize new opportunities to do what you truly love in the future. Your life coach will help you to acquire the tastes you need to savor the rewards of a purposeful life.

Managing your states and energy

Manage Your Emotions and Your Energy

Your emotions and energy levels can be your most powerful resources for experiencing a fulfilling life. But your emotions also have the potential to sabotage your happiness, your vision, your career and your relationships. And when you are drained of energy, you may lose your motivation for keeping your life well-managed. Your life coach will teach you techniques for managing your emotions and energy levels, so that you can sustain your efforts to build a fulfilling life by channeling all your resources productively. Emotional-state management and energy-management skills are available to you - and Roger Reece can help you to develop and use those skills when you need them.

Be a Dreamer Who Actually Realizes Your Dreams

Have you ever met a dreamer who is all talk and no action? These ineffective dreamers have the visualization skills, but lack the strategies, execution skills and follow-through, to make their dreams a reality. They face a risk of becoming trapped in a fantasy world, while their actual lives never grow to what they dream of. On the other hand, there are plenty of non-dreamers who seem to have no vision, goals or aspirations, and their lives show it.

So go ahead and be a dreamer - but be the kind who actually makes those dreams come true. Contact us today to schedule a free telephone consultation with Roger Reece to begin the life coaching process. You only have one life. Get a coach to help you make the most of it.

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